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Not sure if you’ve been following my Instagram feed or Facebook page, but for these last 2 months I’ve bounced around the United States in an RV, travelling from coast to coast, mountaintops to beaches. As the journey continues I’m constantly in awe of people’s creativity in life and the diversity of what … Continue Reading »

Touch Football

The horn blows. The referee raises his right hand and blows his whistle signaling the start of the game. “30’s” our team captain Jay Alston calls from the tap. “30’s to 32-P here on the right.” I signal acknowledgment and drive the ball up for a dump in front of … Continue Reading »

Tough Mudder

I plunged into ice-cold water, was dragged through the mud, kicked, tripped, electroshocked… and I loved every minute of it! If you made it up to Snowmass, CO, the weekend after Labor Day you would have seen about 9,000 people taking off in waves around the 2014 Tough Mudder course. What … Continue Reading »

Dirt biking

I constantly wonder why more girls don’t dirt bike. Why more people don’t dirt bike, for that matter. Yes, it’s expensive, it’s noisy and dirty, it’s incredibly physical and it’s certainly not a ‘peaceful’ wilderness experience… but once you know how it feels to power up the impossible, speed along on narrow ridge … Continue Reading »


Over a bottle of rosé with some girlfriends a blog sounded like an awesome idea… so here it is! I’ve so many adventures and experiences to share but need your help to guide me as to what you think is interesting, downright boring, edgy, wacky or off-the-charts amazing! This is going … Continue Reading »